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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  How We All Changed

How We All Changed

Written By: Daya Abraham
Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd

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Me and my younger brother finally put down our phones, giving in to the pestering of our youngest cousin.

          We were at our grandparents' place and he wanted us to accompany him, to someplace his dad had shown him,on their last visit.

          We two in our 20s, had to almost run to catch up with the 6yr-old guide. And after about two miles of climb amongst tall rubber trees, he pointed westwards and started jumping in excitement.


          I looked at the beautiful sunset against the picturesquare backdrop of mountains.

          I looked at my brother.

          I am sure he too was remembering the day our youngest uncle (our lil guide's dad) took us there- when my brother was this cousin's age... And how me and my brother had slipped away from home multiple times, when everyone would be asleep in the afternoon, to witness that breathtaking view again.


          I wondered if any kid of today, would climb a mile for a view! Why blame them, we the once-enthusiastic kids, have turned into phone-addicted self-centered grown-ups!