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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  Vengeance


Written By: Deepu R. Nair
Company: Aptara Learning Pvt. Ltd

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Her body trembled at the sight of her lover's corpse. His fears had been right. He had foreseen this attack. He had warned her time and again. She had never heeded any of that. And he had to pay the price for her sins. He had been a very gentle guy. She still remembered the day they had first met. He had come to her place with a group of friends. They had all come there to woo her, but she had eyes for no one but him. They soon started going out together. His equanimity was the perfect foil for her belligerence. He had never hurt anyone. Every time she locked horns with someone in their own fold, he had tried to pacify her and prevent any further altercation. He must have understood that there was no point in trying to rein in her aggression. Because although he tried to soothe her after each escapade of hers, he never tried to change who she was -- a warrior. They made love often and it was pure bliss. The birth of their children was the most fulfilling moment in her life. Reminiscing on their past further fanned her anger.

He didn’t deserve this. They came for me, and when they couldn't find me, they killed my love. she thought. A mixture of guilt and anger soon turned to pure rage. Whoever has done this to him is going to suffer. They’re going to scream with agony. I’ll see to it. In fact, she already knew who had done it. Only one person—one man—had a good enough reason to attack them. To be fair, he can’t be blamed for launching this attack. she thought. Because she had tormented him and his family like hell in the past. But that’s not going to stop me from avenging my love’s murder. she thought.

As expected, his friends started trying to dissuade her.

“We can’t mess with him. You should realize that at least now. He’s too strong. This is what you end up as when you try to cross swords with powerful people like him!” a friend of her lover said, looking at his lifeless body. Her lover’s gentle ways seemed to have rubbed off on his friends as well.

“You’re all pacifists. Cowards. This world belongs to those who are audacious. I can’t forgive the beast who has killed my love.” she said indignantly.

“We have lost him. Now we can’t afford to lose you. Spare a thought for your children. They need you.” another one said.

“What will I tell my children when they grow up and ask me what I did in retaliation for their father’s murder?! I have to go. I can’t rest until I see the blood of the man who murdered my love.” she said, storming away.

She reached her enemy’s house in no time. She hid behind the leaves of the tree overlooking his house. There he was, sitting on the veranda. Once again, she started to tremble with fury. She had always been bloodthirsty, but she was more so now than ever. She started sharpening her weapon. She moved close to the veranda stealthily. She was very close to him now. But he hadn’t yet caught sight of her. His smell, as it always had, aroused her. She sped forward and shoved her weapon into his neck. It was only a moment later that he registered the attack. He writhed and tried to grab her. She dodged his parry and changed direction. Her razor-sharp weapon pierced the skin on his forehead. He screamed and frantically slashed the air with his hands, desperately trying to get hold of her. Now she was gunning for his eyes. She zipped forward, her eyes fixed on his. She was inches away from his eyes when she realized her game was up. He had pulled out a bat lying behind a nearby chair and brought its face swinging onto her face. She was dead before she could feel any pain. Her burnt and mutilated body hit the floor noiselessly.

He turned around and yelled to his wife, “This new coil is of no use! These mosquitoes are roaming about freely!”