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A note of Gratitude

When the unspeakable departs and the sunshine drifts

When the torment moans out sweet melodies

When fear pleads to faith and hopes

When deface leaves and grace fills in

When whither sheds and emotions bloom

When I hold the hands, which show the light

Who teach me dance to the rhythm of life

who makes me sing the uniqueness in me

And inspires me to live at present

It's an ocean of happiness that he gives

Full of exuberance and vibrancy

And wishful thoughts turn blessings and miracles

Its perfect peace and grace around

Its truth, love and beauty everywhere

No times to sorrow, it’s all joy here

Eyes are full and heart is full...

With no beginning and no end

Undeserving but eternally grateful I am

Knowing and dissolving in HIM

Ah, the Savior smiles at me!

Amjitha Aradaman
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