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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  An Ode to Node

An Ode to Node

Written By: Ashish Kurian Thomas
Company: Neoito Technologies

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Beth I can't hear you calling,

Cuz Im too busy debugging now.

The blinking terminal is screaming

"What have you done dear Moe?"


Why is this working here and not there?

Is the string "production" the cause?

My debugging skills are that of an old bear

The Manager is gonna stab me without a pause.


Friends and colleagues speak words of joy

Use node and code in Javascript

Deadline and bugs are all I see, Ahoy!

For he is forgiving, almighty Javascript


C is faster, better and another dimension 

So, is FORTRAN, Assembly and Java

But can you debug in production?

And that is what matters, dear baba


In five hours you'll write that backend

what took you three weeks, no shame!

Drink that cup and make your ascend

That manager won't have you to blame.


Ah! finally, the masterpiece is done

a push to production will remain

Build mighty CI, there should be none

And there it is, victory with champagne


Beth, did you just stop calling?

I'm coming back to bed right now

Just a peek at the log, is what I'm craving

"Why is that undefined, instead of disallow?"