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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  An eternal King

An eternal King

Written By: Sumimol Varghese
Company: ThinkPalm Technologies

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When Eden was closed,

And man was punished,

There appeared a vacuum in him

A huge one, a dark one

Deep inside his heart

Of a shape

A shape which he always failed to define

            He tried to fill it

            With his will and wishes

Land and lives

Heights and hearts

            And yet he failed miserably

The vacuum was large enough

Enough for a child to be born,

An adult to dwell,

And a man to die

            And some day he thought

            Maybe it could be filled

Filled by a powerful man

Sometimes a king

There was a hope,

Hope for a king

A king on the fastest horse

In his finest cloths

With the sharpest sword

Men hoped and waited

So did his children

Kings came, emperor’s came

Still the vacuum was there

On a starry night,

In a manger, the king was born

Born as a child

They saw the child

But never knew

For the Child was too ordinary

The Child was too simple

The Child was not even a prince

            Yet he grew up

            Once a man He went after the lives lost instead of lands

He went for the hearts broken not for the heights of the world

He went to meet the prince of death for He was the Life

He never had a sword but had a winnow

He cleared his threshing floor

Gathered His wheat to the granary and

Burned the chaff in unquenchable fire

Yet they never knew who He was

For He was too great to be a king

In fact the greatest of all kings

The only king who came sword less on an Ass

An eternal king from an eternal kingdom