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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Another Orphan’s Story

Another Orphan’s Story

Written By: Mahesh R
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I am like a broken ray -

Never knowing to where I belonged.

Like a stream I flow, whispering secrets of my agony,

To the rocks and beds, as I touch and stride!


I am like a lonely cloud -

Wandering in heavy large sky.

Like an island that floats amidst the mist,

Never to be found, never to be loved!


I am like a painful tear -

Running astray; stinging out, from red adorned eyes.

With no arms stretched unto me,

To keep me warm or hunt for my love!


I stand a perpetual stage -

Belonging to none and no stories to unfold.

No memories to keep, nor broken dreams, but a brief silence,

With a heavy laden heart; so cold and torn apart!


I am just another orphan's story -

And I cry, in the vast ocean, sailing through and by,

With unheard voices of mine, to this deaf and dark world.

Here I am, a lonesome little star;       

Wishing forever - 'Never to reappear!’