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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Written By: Sujith Dan Mammen
Company: UST Global

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Staring again, on the shiny display,

Leaving me to a state of dismay;

Life as it is, glowing away,

All is just a touch away.

No need for me to leave my sweet home,

Measured as lazy, surrounded by some,

All has changed, can find all my chum;

Be it friend or just any of them.

Addicted I am to my black mirror,

Anonymous I could be a terror;

Surfing the space hiding all the horror,

Like an arrow shot from a quiver.

Swiping my life left or right,

Up or down, it may be alright.

Eyes are weary with all the light,

But I can’t blink for that’s my plight.

Sleep is gone but I want to show,

That I am happy to friend or foe;

Be it raining or let it snow,

My life is perfect in online show.

I may not talk or I may not smile,

For I may see you once a while;

All I look is at your profile,

And making mine ahead a mile.

I claim that I know it all,

The mirror showing, big or small;

Surrounding myself with a Chinese wall,

Mingling is not my protocol.

Google is my friend for life,

Carving my mind like a butchers knife;

Reality leads me to strife,

Just like being an angry wife.

The mirror orders the food I eat,

Also decides the few I meet;

A day goes wasted without a tweet,

For that just makes a day complete.

I don’t feel the traffic lights,

For a text to read, that’s my rights;

Question me that turns to fights,

For I know how from all those sites.

Who is it on the black mirror screen?

What has changed, is it my cuisine?

I used to be a human pristine

But now I look like butter bean.

I am going bit short of breath,

As confronted by the big black death;

Like the lot, am just a sheth,

I am addicted , just like meth.

Like a teddy, for a toddler,

The big black screen, is my brother;

I may not just be popular,

But it’s that I just don’t bother.

The greatest wish is to switch it off,

But I go wary as hiding a cough;

I say the truth for I don’t bluff,

I just always hope it was not so tough.