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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Brutal Confessions

Brutal Confessions

Written By: Arun Jayachandran
Company: Allianz Technologies

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I find your hegemony a disgrace
I bequeath no charm in your wretched desires
I am your benevolent child
I am a sham for the love I yearned
For all the hypocrisy you have nurtured
Greatest is the one you held your honour with
Honour you traded with your dignity
For your lust of caste, creed and race
Devoid of your humanity
And rich in praise of your Gods and beliefs
I have begun to give up on love
To let my stars smile, forfeit of their blessings,would be a blasphemy
I have buried my desires
Deep beneath the cavern of your culture
The glorified versions of which
Are nailed on my forehead since my birth
I hope you smile, for all I yearn
Is your peaceful death
Beneath your spineless patriarchy
Is my naked truth and fruit
Forbidden so it be
I am a sinner since i could remember
I am your hapless son or daughter
And I hope you get a heaven
Shoved in your throat someday!!