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Written By: Isaac Mathew
Company: RM Education Solutions Pvt Ltd

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The choice of no choice, is the world we live in.

Shall we hold our poise or shall we make noise while swimmin’?

Shall we sing “Rain rain go away” or “Showers of blessing”?

Can we be ignorant or should we follow the news depressing?


Do we go up or do we run out? Shall we shout help or shall we quell pout?

What’s important and what’s not? Should we food hunt or build a big yacht?

Shall we mourn the dead or shall we save the dying?

Shall I leave my bed or take up flying?


How can I enjoy this weather? Drink hot tea on my balcony?

When we together are responsible for this brutality.

Is it really God’s fury or our work in a quarry?

Can we blame the seas or shall we frame the dead trees?


It’s either corruption or religious division.

It’s either a genocide or a population explosion.

It’s cash cow or bash now. Brainwash or hogwash.

Eat or be eaten, beat or be beaten, cheat or be cheated.


We can act or we can watch. We can speak or we can listen. Be loved or be hated.

Have tact or be a blotch. We can be bleak or we can glisten. Be love or be hate.

You can have a drive or you can be driven. You can forgive or be forgiven. 

Choose anything and you’ll see, the choice of no choice, is the world we live in.