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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Diamond in her eyes

Diamond in her eyes

Written By: Abhisek
Company: GES

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Glitter are yet of modest values,

Reflect old memories and sorrows.

Eyes are open pictures,

So clear and distinct like skies.


That day you went with friends to the bay,

Devil came up with acidic spell on face.

I saw thousand nights in a day,

Place with white apron is last I can say.


Skies are fading by dark color,

Transparent showers are falling from my dear’s picture.

Each drop that perpetuates through the skin,

Like a hot needle injected by a merciless.


The look which is a sun,

Got cover by a hurricane clouds.

Rain down on my petty defenseless hands,

Ruin my whole sphere due to your absence.


I just can’t see because I’m so shinning,

Wet is so ugly can defeat all other black.

If I look so bad, so dark by my diamonds,

What is the condition of you seeing my dark skies?


Fully flooded, fully damaged,

Those diamond are so painful that their,

Shine is just a cover of inner-lining black and sad reality.

I find myself totally alone in all dark dimensions


With my will and zeal nowhere to park

My request is to lay down your diamonds

See through my eyes this world of greenery

Sunken in the gold of love and humanity.