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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Drey's Rainy Day

Drey's Rainy Day

Written By: Sabarish Parameswaran
Company: Allianz Technologies

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Rise and shine, it's a sunny day

It's what they say come April n’ May

Its holidays for little Drey

And come what may he’ll always play.

His sleepy eyes could barely say

But sure it was no usual day

His Mom was running all the way

She rarely keeps her chores at bay

Looks like it's the day of Frey

And the sun has not yet thrown his ray.

My Wheels are out and I will play

Come what may, said little Drey


Birds in blanket up sky say

It's a rainy day, oh! It’s a rainy day!!


A Bolt had flashed and thunder struck

Little Drey had little luck

One drop down and it poured like truck

A drab brown day had left him stuck


Mama warned him, stay inside

His little heart now wants a ride.

Mama’s looks though stops his stride

One drop down and its high tide

It's rain outside and it's rain cheek side

His charming smile was left to hide.

A gentle moan and a weenie glide

His pug boy doodle by his side

Drey seem hell bent on his ride

One smart swivel and one smart slide

Drey went running out, poolside

With Doodle chasing side by side


Was it the floor or was it the speed

Doodle’s thoughts were on that deed

His master's son had slipped indeed.

Thunderstorm had took the lead,

And no one knew Drey’s cry for heed.

Raising back to warn the creed

The pug boy doodle felt the need

Mamas Running, so’s the creed

There she saw her sinking seed

Drowning like a seaside bead.

Sea in her eyes was out there to read

She took the leap and that was the need


Birds that sang had left their hay

It's a rainy day, oh! It’s a rainy day!!


Frantic moves and panic scenes

Life had surely found its means

A decade’s passed and in his teens

Drey still miss the wall he leans.


Birds that sang in his heart still say

Indeed, it was rainy day, but a drainy day!!