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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Flesh and Soul

Flesh and Soul

Written By: Srthi Thampi
Company: Animations Media

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In the beginning of time

There was lone darkness.

You and I were put together

By the Almighty, for the survival

Of his master creation.

I was the flesh, You were the essence.

We were connected by past and future.

Over the ages of man’s evolution

We explored many fairylands.

We laughed, enjoyed and loved

We together made a 

Common future for him.

In the middle of time

Many religions came with 

Their own Gods.

They fought each other,

Made boundaries between us!

I lost my pureness, you became more elegant.

Fallen from the God,

Dropped from the grace

My agony echoed everywhere.

Religions crucified me in the 

Name of Sins!

I am the body, and you are the soul

Now I am a physical substance 

And you are a divine one.

I never shall yield,

I want to be with you forever.

I dream a place

Where there is no sin and virtue.

I dream  a place

Where there is only love to exist.