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Oh Baby..! Oh Baby..! Where are you..?

Your memories ruin my heart..!

Without you.., My heart seems...

Blossom flower in desert..!


Oh Sweety..! Oh Sweety..! Where are you..?

Your sweet tone crooning my ears...!

Without you.., My Ears uproar...

Waves howl in graves..!


Oh Beauty..! Oh Beauty..! Where are you..?

Your dazzling eyes stuck in my mind..!

Without you.., My Mind grasps...

Pain of Evil hell..!


Oh Smiley..! Oh Smiley..! Where are you..?

Your smiley face splutter my cheeks..!

Without you.., My cheeks...

Flooded with angst..!


Oh Angel..! Oh Angel..! Where are you..?

Your sanguine thoughts hone my vision...!

Without you.., My vision...

Sheer sunken ship..!


Oh Dear..! Oh Dear..! Where are you..?

I am waiting for you...!

Till clocks in my graveyards..!

With love for you ever....!!!!


Sabari Raja