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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Imprisoned Periyar

Imprisoned Periyar

Written By: Prisy PS
Company: Infospica Consultancy Services

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Oh! my Periyar

You were flowing freely on Idukki's Lap

Hills Kuravan and Kurathi pat Periyar in the cradle

Joyful days!!!

To make the place brighten with lights

there came an arch block

How sad it is for you!!!!

You cannot flow freely

You are imprisoned without any deadline

You have knocked the walls for years.

No listeners found,except the sky...

Sky was hearing your pain for years...

Sky could not tolerate the pain you shared with her

sky cried....cried louder.....

shutters opened and you came out with great joy

Even though your ways were blocked, 

you didn't find difficulty in making your own way.

You oozed out with your maximum power

and enjoyed the joy of freedom.

The sky became happy and stopped crying.

oh! shutters closed and you are imprisoned again to spread light

oh! my Periyar, 

you have sacrificed your freedom to light up the earth...

Sky is hearing your pain. 

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