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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Let it go

Let it go

Written By: Raji Chandrika
Company: Allianz Technology

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No surprises and twist

No love or lust

It’s not sunny or rain

Just a shade of dark and pain

The stars shine, but not for me

The moon is bright, but I don't see

Its only my heart who pushes me oh!!

Beating and beating- let it go.. let it go..


Into the deep blue sea I dive

just to feel my dream's hive

Down I swim, but stuck somewhere

it is not a sea, an ocean of my tear..

along with my shadow, I started to walk


alone with my thoughts, I stopped to talk

It's not the breeze which touches me slow

but the storm, inside my chest it grow

It's only the hope which drives me oh!!

I learn to move and let it go... let it go...

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