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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Let there be love

Let there be love

Written By: Gughan A G
Company: Infosys

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Haunting the mornings, the soulless legacies,

Scorned at my heart for its paining ecstacy

Weeping my heart out and counting sanity

Heaping your memories that's wrecking agony.

Tangled in charms , I was tricked into your void

Chasing your fragrance , a luring fine decoy

Lately, I cognize your elegant cruelty

Oh Lady ! I'm burning in the fire you kept in me

Of all the morbid ways of slaying a soul

You chose love as your legitimate tool

Your baffling glimpse hauls my heart apart 

Mine wits went numb as a warm retort

Drenched and deluded by the lilt of your voice ,

Repulsing your charm was the least of my choice.

Let my heart be crumbled and a pain eternal ,

You shall be my love , my light , torching up the hell.