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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Life Swings Around

Life Swings Around

Written By: Abhidha Krishnan
Company: Infosys

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oh! Its swings around me

Oh! its not stopping the ride..

It’s making me to live another day

Hey! its my life… moving on and on


I wanted someone to be in the swing…

I wanted the movement to be beautiful

I  wanted to smile across the whirling

Oh! Am I lucky enough? I found you next to me.


Why….U took your hand out of mine

Oh! U are falling down

I am left alone in the swing…

It’s going faster and faster….

I lost the direction..I lost the  control

My hands are shaking, my heart is aching

I can see your hands down , I can see you eyes up

Hold me, I am coming with you. I am falling down for you!!!