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Written By: Sudheesh Kumar T S
Company: Flytxt Mobile Solutions

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How to rebuild a dream if it shattered and only a few pieces left?

How to define success if it is measured by a scale which you don’t understand?

How to define friendship if your close friend stabs you on your back?

How to live a life if you didn’t find the purpose of it yet?

How to communicate if the people take your emotions but not your intentions?

How to join a stream if it still keep you separate?

How to accept failures even if your head fail to droop down?

How to perceive the truth if few words are twisted and few others are taken out of a sentence?

How to win a battle if there are only a few pawns left on your chess board?

How to rekindle my love though I knew that it is already over?

How to solve a puzzle if all clues are given and the puzzle itself is wrong?

How to reach my home when I keep on finding new ways to be there?

How to find peace if I continue to war with myself?

How to find the answers if I lost my way to the questions itself?