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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  My last abode

My last abode

Written By: Vineetha R
Company: Quest Global Engineering Services

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This solitary journey seems eternally long;

Don’t know if my exhausted body can stand the test of time,

Oh dear! I wish you heard my melancholy song;

My plead, despair and fear so evident many a time,

Maybe I seem strong on the outside;

But I was dying on the inside

Maybe I seem smiling on the outside;

But I was crying on the inside.

Everyone seems to be totally encaged,

Wrapped up in their own troubles;

Everyone seems to be totally engaged,

Trying to get out of these struggles;

But at times you need to open your eyes,

To notice someone else’s suffering;

Sit with them in the dark and close your eyes,

And be a reason for their recovering.


I had tried numerous means,

And tried to enact all my dreams;

Got involved in unnecessary fights,

And placed myself in dangerous plights;
I had secluded myself from festivities,
Hid and kept away from activities;

Just to get your attention,

That’s what I need, but all in vain!            

There were only a few, whom my heart held dear

Who I thought will support me, when I take a fall;

Who I thought will rescue me, from the downfall;

But they weren’t there for me, in my time of fear.

I’m not going to wait for anyone now;

I am going to follow my path somehow;

I know there is no turn now;

And nothing is left to learn now.

Don’t know where;

This decision of mine will take me through,

But I deeply desire;

I be born anew and reach someplace anew,

Where all hands rise;

To solace and comfort me,

Where all eyes;

Laugh to give me my laughter back.