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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Red chaos near me

Red chaos near me

Written By: Sruthy M
Company: H n R Block

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I could hear the soft breeze outside

Fiddling it's way through the hateful darkness;

Alone I sat on the damp floor,

Feeling the splash of the hot blood aside..


All that remained was a soothing silence,

The pain and the agony slowly drifting away,

Is this the solace I longed for?

Is this the cure of my aching soul?


Near me lies his body which was

All flesh and bones minutes before;

Oh! it thrills me to know that his

Filthy mouth won't utter a word again 


Yes, my cake walk with this world might end,

I may not see the sky or sand

But this redemption is worth living

Than the days of lies I carried along...


Those shattered dreams like pieces of glass,

Those unshed tears and sleepless nights,

But then two cherubic faces I see,

Amidst the red chaos next to me...


Let me stand tall for my deed,

Let me put amends to my creed...


Don't come and knock that door...

There is red chaos next to me....

That is not blood you know,

It's the toll of a dreadful love!