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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  She Became The World

She Became The World

Written By: Sarath Ramanan
Company: Oracle India Pvt Ltd

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And she became the world

to the kid who'd lost his way.

With her gleaming smile on,

running her fingers over his silky hair.

Wiping his tears and calming his tremors

he hugged her as close as he could,

like there was no where safer he could be,

so far and distant from that filthy world.


That was years ago, now the kid has grown,

facing his fears with the same gleaming smile.

Like a forgotten dream a memory still remains,

beneath the dusty corner of his beating heart

Pondering over the torn pages of his glittering life,

With countless blunders, unresisting and cross-legged,

un-creasing one dog-ear at a time, until it was all done.

His dreamy eyes into the starry night, he wished no more.


Staring into a setting sun by his window sill

a steaming mug of coffee making castles in the air

in the midst of a lingering aroma, a passing thought.

That inclined seat that may never be taken, he smiles.

The reasons and seasons that came and went, 

yesterday and the day before, but today

he is happy on his own and not alone,

she became a bit of all, and she became the world.