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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Sunset hues

Sunset hues

Written By: Lamiya
Company: NIL

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Dropping it to the sea, when it's time to set,

That golden hue from the sky.

I wonder why it has to leave, so early

Stay back, let me enjoy that feel.


That charm, it gave, when about to set,

I could just admire it to full extent,

I wonder, shall I be able to make this mark

When it's time for me to set .


That breeze that sweep my closed eyes,

Chilling water, washing my tied up feet,

I have fell in love with it, that scene,

Which took my soul from me.


Let me go held my hands and sink

Down with it, before it sets, before it sets.

Wait I haven't but made that mark,

Golden mark, which all would love to see


Let me paint it with my brush of love

Let me paint it so as to stay in their hearts

Hold on, let me paint it more beautiful,

Hold on let me mix my colors for sun set hues.

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