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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  The yellow leaf tale

The yellow leaf tale

Written By: Arya Ajayakumar
Company: IBS Software

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Breaking my loneliness blowed a breeze, a soft one

It did spread a fragrance, it did carry a leaf- a yellow one,

It did narrate to me a tale-a tale of its own!


A tale starring the yellow leaf and the cool breeze-

Our hero and heroine!


Our heroine was one among them, among all the leaves-

Tender and green but different!


She was unique and special because she was in love-

In love with our hero….


Every day he would come, blow them all,

All her sisters and brothers-taking no notice of her-

The little greeny in her teen!


She was captivated by the handsome

His fragrance touched not her body

But her soul!


She waited and waited with no regrets

Her heart filling with love, her eyes filling with tears-

For being unknown!


Longing for love she remained so till

Her green pigment disappeared

She started to become pale, but her love as fresh as a dew drop!


And then it happened….she was taken away by her handsome!


Lately the story had a happy ending…

She was realized and was taken away forever

By her sweet heart!


They are still in­ their never ending journey

Together spreading the cool scent of true love…..


And it did reach me breaking my loneliness

Filling me with the quest to sought my love-

My true love to break my loneliness forever!