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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  To My lovely sisters

To My lovely sisters

Written By: Sheeja Joseph
Company: Upskill Innovative Solutions

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My lovely sisters, I am really missing you,

I remember when four of us played in the yard.

With your mischievous deed, locked me in the wooden cupboard.

Playing day and night, fighting for a toy

But all I can do now is pray.


The times we skipped and hopped in the gardens,

With lilies and daffodils around,

Joys and laughter, tears and strifes

We were together.

But all I can do now is pray.


We always had each other everytime

Especially when, our days were bad. 

Always been there, through thick and thin, 

I know your thoughts, through your grin.

But all I can do now is pray.


We are the lucky ones to share the same birthday on October

When we surprised each other with cake and flowers.

Always around, poked and irritated me

But end of the day, my best siblings.

But all I can do now is pray.


I am missing you all every second.

And now I am already locked in the wooden crate,

My hands have turned cold.

There is always silence here in this raised mound

But all I can do now is pray.


Farewell! my sisters now and forever

It’s only the melancholy that is praised here

You can commemorate with flowers and candles,

Onto this marble tomb that read ‘Rest in peace’

And all I will do now is pray.