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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Major milestones achieved and going strong mentally

Major milestones achieved and going strong mentally

Written By: Reji Thomas Mathew
Company: Speridian Technologies Pvt Ltd

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As she gently walks up the life street

To successfully achieve many a milestone

One of the very few Indian women still alive

Who saw and remember the Greatest day –

of our Mother India’s Independence

Her biggest achievement I think as a son

Might have been to be an engineer

And how many thousands she taught

Including the nerdy engineer in me

A bit weak physically, but stronger in mind and soul

Her love for dear ones and far away

Care for all in family and around

And nev’r ending quench to give to the needy

We all like to call you Mother Rebbecca

As you turn seventy-six on 16th July 2018

Wishing you a very Happy Birth day

My dear AMMA well in advance

As the world celebrate mother’s day….