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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  SHE


Written By: Anu Ghanashyam
Company: EY Kinfra

Total Votes: 16

Started off as thin stream, she crusaded over hills and valleys,

She grooved in so well that she left her mark through ever rock that she passed,

She met many rivers on her way as most of them had common goal to meet HIM!

All blushed when they thought of HIM - the mighty sea!


On her way, thousands washed themselves off and yet she was pure.

That was because of her innocence and integrity!

The current of other selfish creatures called humans often made her get dirtied because of their desires and lustful ambitions!

And at the end, every inch of her got murkier forever!


She wanted to be carefree as the flow took her wherever it could,

She could only be thankful to explore,

But slowly her flowing stream got interrupted!

She don't know how and when she lost her charm!

Lost in transit, she lost herself!


She wanted to regain herself soon,

Waiting for her rains of thoughts and joyful rainbow to bless her back!

She awaits for her lustrous glory to shine once again,

So that happily she reaches her mighty sea,

Even if it's brief meeting to bring a closure!

That's how she feels accomplished!