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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Snapshots


Written By: Amrutha Sajeevan
Company: Travancore Analytics

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Pages of the album were turning yellow,

Faded the photos were that had mellow;

Capturing the various snapshots in my life,

From genesis till my past with bygone rife.


Lay forgotten the camera aside quite old,

That took the shots through alot in fold;

Flipping through the pages one after another,

Takes me adrift in memories that wither.


Transient was I and the people right there,

Stood the constant sea, mountain and air;

Reliving these moments gives me a chill,

With a void in my heart that needs to fill.


Cold breeze blew then making me shiver,

Sentiments through me had my lips sliver;

Drops of tears rolling down my pale face,

Couldn’t hold up my heart still with a fence.


Lost was the feeling to be found right now,

Yearning for the people and places I know;

Thanking my snapshots for those memories,

As I close the album with the burden it carries.