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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Snowy window...

Snowy window...

Written By: Sony Joy
Company: Travancore Analytics

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Do you still love her?

She's waiting for someone's love?

Never!! Her love is different

Like a lonely cactus in the desert

The thorns pierced..blood

Yes, blood is love..Her blood is love

Her love is different

Standing beside the snowy window

Hugging herself with an old book

"Love" the puzzling drama

None couldn't understand

The people pretend they got it

Were brilliant actors

Sorry She could find the truth

People love colors..they say "I love you"

Empty words from deserted people

Broken up!!Never..Love is not for lovers.

When are you in love

Everything is wrapped in love!!!

She's waiting for eternel love

"Something" that never compells..

"Someone" who kisses on forehead

When she get mad out of reading

"Some space" allows her to utter feelings

Her definition for love is different

Love is fat and thin, ugly and charming

It's dry and puffy

She waited at the snowy window..

Not waiting..Her love

Is now rolling down on the window..

For someone..somewhere..