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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Teach 'Her' how to be black

Teach 'Her' how to be black

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Beyond cute, high and proud
Joyous even in the way she moved
Climbing and falling improvised her music
Until a pimple changed her voice

Her eyes lighting up tried to steal a kiss
'No' said her parents, you are too young
They held her close, not to feel strange
But she felt sweating in their wrap, not knowing that was her safest dwell

Her wedding bell rang with fluent and convincing promises
she blushed with radiance for a lifetime love
But it was just about what you do in bed

He is ours, You don't suit us, You are ashamed of…echoed that home
'I am flawlessly beautiful', screamed her heart
With her head down and tears falling

She yearned for her safest dwell


To them, she turned a paranoid mess
Those days of the month, when she bleeded
labeled impure to touch her,

When she was dying in bits with her cramps on floor
'I bleed for a new life' screamed her heart

With pain and anguish cloak between thighs
She yearned for her safest dwell

Aah! this child of her's they stare at so
Seeing limits on him and laughing at her

Why compare one against another?
'Accept him' she screamed from her heart

Unlike as night from day
She yearned for her safest dwell

Sentenced before the numbness of senses

Broken and shattered, she laid battered
Her convulsive sobs remained unheard
Barely spared with one more breath to survive

Almost out of air, far beyond repair, wrecked
She ran to her safest dwell

By then, she had lost her voice gasping in the grave
But the warmth of her place echoed to her;

"You are not fallen. You come from strong roots, dear!
You were not taught to feel inferior, abused or imposed upon!
See, You were built to withstand everything You went through
You deserve everything you wish
Go, Get hold of your life"


Inching her way back, she desired nothing more

With an image split and the ashes left behind
Pity her not, she's craving to heal and soar
When she realizes she's more than just a woman
She picked up her pieces to rebuild herself

When she penned her destiny with a smile on her face

She looked beautiful than she has ever been before
Yet remains untold, that has been defined