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# Title Author Company
1 Pity Amina Muthalif RR Donnelley
2 A Tremor Arun Chullikkal Newage sys solutions
3 A puppy with a crippling foreleg Sahla Najeeb Tata Elxsi
4 The Journey Raji Chandran Finastra
5 Flesh and Soul Srthi Thampi Animations Media
6 Red chaos near me Sruthy M H n R Block
7 My Dear Life Hanubindh IBS Software
8 Drowned in Black Kripa KB Allianz
9 Yin and Yang Unnimaya Tata Elxsi
10 I am alone Vignesh RB Newagesys
11 Her Smiles Don Bosco G UST Global
12 Choice Isaac Mathew RM Education Solutions Pvt Ltd
13 Diamond in her eyes Abhisek GES
14 Life Swings Around Abhidha Krishnan Infosys
15 Sigh Arjun K Oracle India Pvt Ltd
16 She Became The World Sarath Ramanan Oracle India Pvt Ltd
17 Death Daya Abraham Oracle India Pvt Ltd
18 Hush Sabari Raja Stabilix Solutions
19 Let there be love Gughan A G Infosys
20 After the Storm Sarath Chandran Pulluttiparambil EY
21 Evolution Surya C G UST Global
22 BB Karl Max EY
23 Drey's Rainy Day Sabarish Parameswaran Allianz Technologies
24 Let it go Raji Chandrika Allianz Technology
25 Brutal Confessions Arun Jayachandran Allianz Technologies
26 To My lovely sisters Sheeja Joseph Upskill Innovative Solutions
27 Path Megha Haridas Envestnet Pvt Ltd
28 The rain and little girl Mani Ramalingam Thoughtline Technologies
29 Being Single Devan Babu Zafin Software Centre of Excellence
30 The Farmer Athul Krishnan Tata Elxsi
31 Till a single bell ends their life Aravind MR Envestnet Asset Management
32 Black Mirror Sujith Dan Mammen UST Global
33 Major milestones achieved and going strong mentally Reji Thomas Mathew Speridian Technologies Pvt Ltd
34 A note of gratitude Amjitha Aradaman Zafin software solutions
35 Mirror Sudheesh Kumar T S Flytxt Mobile Solutions
36 Saga of a poem Amina ThinkPalm Technologies
37 An eternal King Sumimol Varghese ThinkPalm Technologies
38 Yes you can touch me but Athira Allianz Technologies
39 Equals Vishnu M Menon Oracle India
40 Sunset hues Lamiya NIL
41 The Deluge Jaidev Chandrasekharan UST Global
42 Another Orphan’s Story Mahesh R ARS Traffic and Tranport Technologies
43 Let my soul rest in peace Bhavana Nai IBS Software
44 My last abode Vineetha R Quest Global Engineering Services
45 An Ode to Node Ashish Kurian Thomas Neoito Technologies
46 Heaven On Earth Nimitha Rose Peter Qburst
47 Imprisoned Periyar Prisy PS Infospica Consultancy Services
48 The yellow leaf tale Arya Ajayakumar IBS Software
49 The Night Roshni Vidyadharan ThinkPalm Technologies