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Short Story - English

The Smoking Angel

I had to be at the office by noon. After clearing all formalities at the passport office, I rushed on my Scooty hoping to reach my workplace on time. A quick shortcut would save me 10 minutes, so, I took a road not much taken.

The Desire

As usual, Saturday evening was crowded at London Bridge. Indistinct voices of people, cacophony of horns and loud noises of trains filled the atmosphere with pandemonium. With majority being tourists, London Bridge makes acquaintance with new faces every day. A young Indian was roaming around the place after his regular shift at Mark and Spencer's. Unlike tourists, he was not flabbergasted by this place's charm. The interest in him no longer exists due to the innumerable visits to its every nook and corner.

The deluge

The flood has covered most of the area. The army and the fishermen are trying to cover maximum area, trying to rescue as many as they can. But still there are people stranded in isolated areas. A Fisher boat was carrying some people from a particular area. one person is standing on the roof and running to and fro with some weird hand actions and shouting something, can't understand what is happening here...


3 nights ago

How We All Changed

Me and my younger brother finally put down our phones, giving in to the pestering of our youngest cousin.

          We were at our grandparents' place and he wanted us to accompany him, to someplace his dad had shown him,on their last visit.

          We two in our 20s, had to almost run to catch up with the 6yr-old guide. And after about two miles of climb amongst tall rubber trees, he pointed westwards and started jumping in excitement.


          I looked at the beautiful sunset against the picturesquare backdrop of mountains.


Her body trembled at the sight of her lover's corpse. His fears had been right. He had foreseen this attack. He had warned her time and again. She had never heeded any of that. And he had to pay the price for her sins. He had been a very gentle guy. She still remembered the day they had first met. He had come to her place with a group of friends. They had all come there to woo her, but she had eyes for no one but him. They soon started going out together. His equanimity was the perfect foil for her belligerence. He had never hurt anyone.

A #MeToo story

While I sit to draft this note,the world around me is engaged in a much necessary conversation.

The'#Me Too' movement.

This excerpt,I thought would be my contribution to the movement, which is spreading more virally than the ebola virus.

It was two years back.On a sunny evening,I was waiting at a bus station in 'Vellarada',a place in the outskirts of Trivandrum. Aimed to board a bus back to 

central Trivandrum after visiting my friend, who was ailing from food poison.

Within few minutes of wait,a bus reached the stop.

The Last Mile

The road was dimly lit and it was the torrential rains that told Madhav that he was alive. It was only moments back that he had come crashing down the slippery slope of St James’s compound road. The potholes were familiar, so were the flickering streetlights and yet Madhav lost control of his bike and crashed onto the nearby electric post. Medical examinations revealed that he had severe trauma to his head, a fractured skull that took several months to heal.

The Woman with Silver Eyes

“Laya... I saw her again,” screamed Richa from the other end of the phone. “And she knows. She knows me, Laya. She knows who I am. She is going to come and get me. From the look on her face, I am certain that she knows that I know her too. I know it now. My every move is being watched.

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