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Amazing travel experience in Urumbi Camping, Great start for Techies Travel Club


There's always a first time for everything. Prathidhwani Travel Club's first trip to Urumbi hills started on a great note. All the 24 techies who participated in the trip enjoyed the most. We started with 24 techies and ended with all happy faces with a request to include them in the next. We started the journey on 23rd Nov morning as strangers and return back on 24th as a family.

We visited "Panchalimedu" on the way to Urumbi hills camp of the ‘Campper’ and reached camp site by 4pm. After check-in the sunset view which we witnessed was mind blowing. When the sun goes beyond the horizon they spend the time singing and dancing. In the midst of the heavy wind we danced around the camp fire. Even though it's biting cold outside, everyone wake up early and went to see the sun rise. From there the team headed to "Madhamakulam" where we took a nice bath in the fresh water. After heading back to camp, spending some time over there and completing the check out procedure they went to "Paruntham Para" and spend some quality time over there. Then started the return trip with unlimited fun and dance which continued till technopark.

In between all of them shared their wonderful experience of the trip where everyone expressed how happy they are through their words. Finally, everybody said good bye looking forward to the future trips.

Thank you everyone for great support.

Vipin K V
Convenor, Prathidhwani Travel Forum

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind" -- Seneca"