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Prathidhwani Technical Forum

Technical Forum

Prathidhwani Technical Forum has conducted 102 training programs so far.  More than 30,000 IT employees in Kerala have directly participated in the sessions and re-skilled/up skilled their technical skills.  Prathidhwani conducts technical sessions for IT staff at least twice a month.

Every day new job information and technical training information is provided to the employees through more than 60 WhatsApp groups and Telegram channels.  There is also a special Telegram channel for freshers.

The free job portal launched by Prathidhwani exclusively for IT job seekers in Kerala has successfully completed 22 months.  Former IT Secretary Sivashankar and then Technopark CEO Shashi Mittal inaugurated the job portal.

 In September 2021 job fair was conducted exclusively for IT employees in Kerala and 19023 IT job seekers and 165 companies participated. More than 1,500 employees were able to find new jobs through the job fair.  No fee is charged for training.  The job fair, organized completely free of charge for both the employee and the employer, became a big discussion in the IT industry itself.  Following the success of the IT Job Fair, KDISC, a flagship project of the Kerala government, has expressed interest in collaborating with Prathidhwani and discussions are underway.