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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  The 4th Epic

The 4th Epic

Written By: Rajesh M Jose
Company: ThinkPalm Technologies

Total Votes: 20

Epic 1: Crime

On the way to office, by the left side of the road, in front of the district Jail he saw the young woman flanked by a policeman and a policewoman.   He looked again through the side window of his car. She was sort of beautiful with an impassive face and the police was taking her form jail to law court to be produced in front of a judge.
Driving past, he looked again through the rear-view mirror and saw the real criminals behind the woman.
A father who didn't care
A husband who didn't love
No woman of the world can be a criminal, by her own demerits.

Epic 2: Humiliation

The night was grim and silent inside the surgical ICU. Sandra was on the third shift, giving a pain killer shot to the accident victim. The young man got his spine shattered during one of those adventurous trips and was unlikely to walk for the rest of his life.
She put aside the disposable syringe and smiled at him. "How are you feeling?"
He didn't answer her question. But scanned her face and said.
"You have silky hair"
She froze for a second and then burned the rule book and said:
"Touch it...if you feel like...."
Tears sprang to his eyes and rolled down...
He hadn't handled much sympathy, in his past life.

Epic 3: Death

Prof. Jeevan completed the 4th period accountancy class for commerce students on time after perfectly balancing a Profit and Loss sheet having complicated adjustments. He was a university rank holder for PG program.
He walked out of the campus.
As usual took an auto rickshaw to the railway station.
But then, unusually checked in his office bag in the clock room.
He walked along platform number one till the end of the platform and then started walking along the side of the railway track.
Then he stepped inside the track and started walking along the track.
In a deep embrace he took the speeding train coming up against him.
His dead body was fully covered when brought home.
Complicated adjustments remained unapplied on the balance sheet of life.

Epic 4: Resurrection

Mary Magdelene saw the resurrected Jesus in front of the tomb he was buried.
She cried out in awe, "Rabboni" (Which means 'master' in Aramaic).
His feet were shining immaculately like a pair of white pigeons.
He personified forgiveness, love, grace and deep calmness. She wanted to hold on to his feet.
In loving rebuke Jesus said, "Do not hold on to me" (John 20:17)
He was in a hurry. He knew of the three persons waiting for him.
A criminal woman
A humiliated man and
A dead man
....waiting in utter distress and impatience
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