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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  Resurrection


Written By: Reji Thomas Mathew
Company: Tech Masters

Total Votes: 12


Jermy as the name say is smart and good looking..but...he's off here with a shabby dress in a wrecked desire....but why the heck he came to our office like this ....because he feel..we will help him get a is he a’ job

.why so..and how he get to a… thats our story


Let me go a bit back..I met him as a charm guy in spring of 2018...he was just like an early 20s guy..but once he told..that his salary was way off that he desperately quit the job….that too when he knew who I am and how I can help him. But I felt he took a big risk to throw away the job he had.


Rest is history or his story? ..he came and joined our company with his friends to learn software testing and get placed. But after the course he absconded like anything without paying the we decided to go to is house and request for pending payment. The scene was beyond our imaginations. It was a really poor family with parents finding it tough to run through days. Never from his dress or style we can think of such a background. He said he vanished as he doesn’t have money to pay, but promised he will pay once he gets a job.  


I just got a call he got a job....that is when I went down the memory lane. So its resurrection for him. He has risen like a phoenix bird. His salary is thrice that of the previous one.

Thank God