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A Roundup Health-Walk was conducted on 10th March 2014 by a group of Techies, from UST Global as a symbolical part of their Account’s One year Celebration. This Walk had a good standing Initiation by the entire team, and it was flagged off by Olympian Mrs. Bobby Aloysius , along with Account Director Mr.George Jose, Mr.Rajan Kundoor, Mr C J Prakash and Mr.Praveen Kumar. The walk started from the Atrium in the Bhavani building and then continued over the 3 km span of the entire Technopark Campus. Image removed. The initiative was well greeted and had quite a good number of participants. The Techie Walk had a good promoting factor attributed to Health and attracted the eyes of many. The event came to a close by around 5:30. The idea of promoting a Health walk was to make sure that even during the busy schedule of a Techie’s IT work , they gave the exact emphasis and importance on Health as well. After All, Health is Wealth and it’s not just stretching one’s limbs at their desktop tables..!! Image removed.Image removed.