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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  SMOKING SAVES


Company: Toonz Animation Academy

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It was a cold month, even a leaf refused to move. No one even dare to step because of the temperature there. The city was so calm, that even made the cat’s walk more loud.

But the people were so busy in talking about the thief. Police got no clue about what’s happening there. They checked every banks and jewelry shops, everywhere for sign of theft, but nothing happened there. After two days of investigation, they found out that the theft was in cigarette factory. The security guards said that they heard a woman’s voice inside the factory. When they opened the door, nobody was there, but the cigarette boxes were missing in tons.

 After a week somebody called the police station and told them that again there is someone inside the cigarette factory and stealing the cigarettes. They were very afraid to go inside the factory, so they waited for the police to arrive. The police team arrived there so fast and rounded her up. They presented her at the court.

When they produced the prisoner in front of the judge, the judge got shocked. It was a butterfly. Everyone there was so confused, that this little tiny thing is capable of doing this much bigger crime in the city…. It can’t even smoke, so everyone started questioning her about what she did with the cigarettes….

So the old  judge asked her very calmly, what is your name? and  why you did that?? She replied” my name is buff” in her bold voice and then she continued to talk. She said ”I’m a mother of three larvas. After the winter started, it was so cold that made my children even very difficult to breathe. I couldn’t find anything to keep my children alive. One of my children died because of this merciless winter and the other two were fighting for their life. At that time, in front of my home, someone dropped their leftover cigarette , I opened my door to see who’s that. I suddenly sensed the smile from my children’s face because of that heat comes from that cigarette. It kept them warm for seconds. I asked everyone to help me by giving me some free cigarettes. But no one helped. So then I decided to steal them away. And stole tons of cigarettes to keep them alive”.

The crowd remained silent after they finished listening her story. Everyone waited for the old judge’s judgement. With the serious face, the old judge was writing his judgement. After finished writing, he saw buff and said “in the history of this world, first time smoking saved a life. And I’m glad for that. And I cannot file any case on buff, because her action was selfless. So I’m declaring her guilt free.”

After the court dismissed, the old judge came towards buff and told her that he wants to meet her kids. So she took him with her, when she opened the door, those larva formed a cocoon around them. She felt very happy. And after the cocoon broke, buff and her children butterflies started living that old judge and they were so happy…..