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Prathidhwani Invites You to GO Language workshop- Dec 10th Saturday 8:30AM - 4:30PM - Miles to GO

As you know, Prathidhwani has always been at the forefront to enhance and explore the cultural, technical and social values of the IT community. Ever since its formation, it has organized a great deal of cultural events including literary contests (Srishti which is now in its third edition) and short film festivals (QISA, which is now in its fifth edition), sporting events including football tournaments (Prathidhwan 7s), technical events including various technical workshops and socially relevant interventions including Rice Bucket challenge, blood donation drives, Prathidhwani Education Scholarships(PES), environment conservation programs and drug awareness campaigns to name a few. And the latest in the offering is the Golang Training Workshop which would mark the beginning of a series of technical sessions the team would be unveiling on a regular basis.

On behalf of the entire Prathidhwani team, we feel privileged to invite you to Prathidhwani's one day GO Language workshop- Miles to GO

When: December 10th, Saturday, 8.30AM to 4.30 PM

Where: Travancore Hall, Park center, Technopark, Trivandrum.

Speaker: Baiju Muthukadan, Redhat, Banglore

Instructions and prerequisite for the event.

1. Entry to the event is via registration

2. Participants should bring laptop with power adaptor, convertors and other peripherals (Hands On Workshop)

3. The laptop should have an operating system with Go support (GNU/Linux or Mac OS or Windows)

4. The GO compiler 1.6 should be installed

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