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Prathidhwani Ludo Competition for Women IT Employees


It's LUDO Time for Techies

Get ready to play.. And become the LUDO CHAMPION

Be the winner and snatch exciting prizes

Just Install LUDO KING and Play



1. Keep your Ludo King Wallet enriched with min of 500 coins

2. Ensure good internet connectivity

A small tour on HOW TO PLAY

• Group of 4 members will be chosen, one among them will create a link for the other three members to join

• Game starts only if we get 6 on the die.

• There are 4 pawns, each can start only when they get 6 on die

• The pawns has to move in clockwise direction to finally enter its destination.

• On the way, your rival players might cross over the same spot as yours and you will have to start from beginning or vice versa (unless you are in a safe spot - the coloured squares or square with star).

• Goal is to get all the 4 pawns to final triangle.

• Everytime you get a 6 or cut your rival's pawn or reach the final get a extra chance to roll your die!

Image removed.Team of 4 members will be chosen for the first round

Image removed.Game code will be provided 5 min before the game begins

Starting on

26th Sep 2020,7 PM

Register your name @:

For any Queries : Priyanka(+91 9946618274)