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Prathidhwani Technical forum Session No: 44

session 44

Title : Learn UX series - 1

- What is UX?

- Why should companies care about UX?

- Who should wear the UX hat?

- Roles/Responsibilities of a UX person

- Jargons used in UX

- UX in real world vs digital world

- How to apply UX in everyday work


[Malu Nair, Manager, UX, QBURST]

[Devi Ravindran, Lead, UX, QBURST]

Time : 5th, September, Saturday, 11:00am- 01:00 pm

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You could Live Stream the session through Prathidhwani FB page

Doubts/Clarifications, please contact:

Noushad - 9633331678

Smitha -9895542015