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Prathidhwani Technical Forum's Session on "Microservices architecture"


Microservices" has become so cliche, it has become the synonym of Web development, almost all the new designs are based on “Microservices” architecture. But are we sure what we implement is actually microservices?

Let’s hear it from Shiju Varghese, one of the pioneers and ace microservices consultant for Top companies across the world.

Title: Microservices Architecture

Prathidhwani Technical Forum's

#Session no. 26

Speaker: Shiju Varghese (Sr. Consulting Solutions Architect & Published Author)

Date: 24th May 2020, Sunday 11 am -1 pm

Location: Zoom

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NB : This is an in-depth session for those who want to understand the core concepts and best practices for using microservices.

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