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Prathidhwani Women's Forum's - Talk to Counsellor

Prathidhwani Women's Forum's  Talk to Counsellor

An initiative to help Women IT employees to cope up with themself and the situations around them with the help of an Expert.

As you all are well aware, 2nd wave of covid-19 has hit us badly than expected and Prathidhwani Women's forum is back once again extending its supporting hands to help fight the pandemic by standing by your side as always. Let's not waste this opportunity and make the best out of it for our well-being. We guarantee to maintain your confidentiality while connecting with the Counsellor.

7th May 2021 onwards

For registration:

Dr. Anju Minesh

(Consultant psychologist,

Rithu centre for psychological wellness)


For registration and queries call +918086293274 (Bibi John)


Prathidhwani's "Talk To Counsellor" program for IT Employees featured in Mathrubhumi