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Prathidhwani’s plea against the amendment of Environment Impact Assessment Draft Notification 2020


On 02 December 1984, Methyl Isocyanate – a poisonous gas was leaked from Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal, which led to the death of 1000s of fellow citizens. In the wake of this, the Government on India then came up with an Environment Protection Law in 1986. The purpose of this law was to ensure proper evaluation of new industries which were getting started across the country. The environment clearance certificate was provided to start the companies only after a proper assessment of the impact that it could create to the environment.

However as per the new amendment in the act, such a clearance certificate is not required to start an industry, whereas ideally we should have been moved to a more stringent approval process considering the environment changes we are witnessing these days. In the new way, companies can acquire the clearance certificate anytime they want irrespective of the nature of their work and they are allowed to extend upto 50% of their area of operation without having an assessment Whilst we have to realize that the company which recently caused many deaths in Vishakapattanam did not possess this certificate. Ironically the amendments also take away the rights of public to file a case against any ill treatment of the environment by these companies.

Prathidhwani requests you to join us in this campaign against Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Draft Notification 2020 before 11 August 2020 by sending an email to the concerned authorities; which is probably the last date we get to decide if we need our home, our land, plants, animals and the environment around us the way we want.

Send your email to the addresses-,

Sample Letter

Dear sir/ madam,

This is my plea against the amendment of the draft EIA notification 2020. As we understand the currently suggested changes in the act will have a clear impact on Human and Animal rights.

Hence I would request you to,

1. Immediately withdraw the proposed amendments of the EIA notification 2020 and restructure it in a more environment friendly way.

2. Re-issue the draft only after considering the health conditions related to Covid19 across the country.

3. Ensure that there are widespread and informed public discussions on the implication of these amendments before finalizing the changes

4. A full disclosure of the nature of comments received and the reasons for acceptance and rejection of these comments, prior to the issuance of the final amendments.

Hope you will take the right decisions considering the fact that this is a world where many more generations including your children, your grand children and their grand children have to live in peace.


Or by tweaking the pre drafted mail inorder to avoid ending up the same in spam from below location you can send the mail easily.