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Written By: Rahid Abdul Kalam
Company: Finastra Solutions

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Hey, Don’t you feel it !! Your little baby is making a move !!


My wife always use to get excited right from her 2nd trimester whenever our baby use to make some movement which was of great ecstasy for her. Days were gone and that time came in.. She woke me up and said that she wasn’t feeling well and the symptoms seems to have shown up.  I was really tensed and was really feeling the fragileness of my mind. If I took another glimpse of her face, I would have wept. Like any men, I don’t want my girl to see me down at least that day and kept myself under control.


It was all of a sudden the doctors started rushing to the casualty (Like we do see in many films J ), and then an elderly head nurse came towards me demanding my signature for a C-Section. I would never forget that moment of my life and would have never signed so ugly until that date. It was like a hell of a moment where so many things came up to my mind and were whispering to me. I would really call this moment as a faith restoration point, where we would really turn up towards the almighty seeking his help. Moments later, they handed over to me my cute little baby boy. I couldn’t pretend anymore. Seeing his innocent face, I just broke myself and wept. Thought of giving my boy my first kiss, She stopped me doing so. She had a lot many medical terms to shower upon me explaining the stage of my baby boy. His breathe rate seems to have a slower pace and they have to place him in NICU, that was all what I understood. I inquired about my wife and they said “She is OK” which was of great relief to me.  


They shifted my wife to ICU and I had to wait for hours until they allowed me to see her. As soon as I went near her, all she asked was about our baby and she needs to see him. I could barely help her with that as they were not ready to take my baby outside of the NICU for any sake and thus I could only tell her that he is under observation. Undergone a C-Section, she wasn’t really able to speak but still she was keeping on asking to see her baby. I went outside the ICU where I could see another family who were in great joy (that family was blessed with a baby girl). I requested the baby’s dad to just have her in my arms for a minute. He was really happy to hand over the baby to me. I opened the ICU door half the way and showed the fully covered baby to my wife conveying the message through site that “Our baby is OK, He is safe with me”. She just smiled and that was all what I need. I handed over that cute baby girl – who had a wrist band written “Baby of D----- “ to their family back. Really I don’t remember the name of her mom, I would say that it was written as Daffodil. She was a cute little Daffodil, unknown for me who came up for a moment to my life but made our day.


Daffodil Queen Where Ever u R – Thank You J