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Written By: Ameena K
Company: ThinkPalm Technologies

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I woke up late in the morning. I was running late by 30 minutes. I skipped the breakfast to save time and got ready in a couple of minutes, only to find that I missed my cab.


I had to spend around 200 rupees on auto. During month-ends, INR 200 counts! I could have eaten my lunch and dinner with that amount of money.


I had to report for a meeting at 9:00 and it was already 15 minutes late. Thinking of others waiting for me made me cringe. I was literally begging to the auto driver to drive fast and he doesn't seem impressed with my yells.


I reached the office just before the meeting. I searched my purse to pay the auto driver and found that my wallet was missing. I became red, wordless, in shame. Luckily my colleague chipped in and I was saved.


I could not concentrate in the meeting. Graphs flipped, numbers discussed, nothing went on the mind. My heart was pondering. My ATM cards, debit cards, identification cards and even the money left to survive for the next week were on the wallet.


Lunch with the clients also didn’t go well as my mind was already on the wallet. I felt betrayed, the day is getting worse.


After the long day at the office, I thought to take a walk home to refresh my mind and distract my thoughts.


Out of nowhere, it started raining. I tried running and then gave up. I was totally drenched and had no money in hand. A stranger helped me by offering me a lift and finally reached home.


I changed my dress, logged in to the online banking portals, and blocked my cards. Then searched for the government websites to apply for the duplicate identification cards.


It was still raining cats and dogs. I made a good cup of coffee, sipped it slowly. I felt good.


I wrote a short note of gratitude in my diary. To my colleague who paid my auto charge, the manager who bore with my careless meeting, the client who took me to the lunch and finally to the stranger who gave me the lift home.


It felt so good to offer gratitude. I felt good. A book half read was waiting for me beside the bed table. The warm blanket, the book, the coffee…

Now I am posting this on my Facebook, just to remind everyone. Life is good, even if the day is bad, life is still good.



After typing the inspirational post, Amit felt good.


He started getting notifications about the post. Comments poured in for the post. He felt incredibly happy and satisfied. He felt like a king. After all, this was his only way of expressing his dreams. Dream of getting a job, the dream of having a busy life, the dream of having people around.


Anyways, Inspirational stories doesn’t need to be completely true! He smiled to himself and dozed off to sleep.


He has exams tomorrow. At least this time, 4 years after completing the engineering, he have to pass and get the degree certificate!