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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  The Deluge

The Deluge

Written By: Jaidev Chandrasekharan
Company: UST Global

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She rested gracefully like a royal maiden

Brightening up the southern tip of peninsula

Guarded by the mighty Ghats of the west

And hugged by the motherly seas of the east 


Her children made the earliest of dolmens

In the unwritten history of ancient world 

Fragrance of her spices conquered the far west 

And seduced the mighty Caesars and Pharaohs 


She opened her door to anyone who knocked 

Sheltering those who fled their oppressors 

Feeding them with her enormous resources 

And history called her the god's own country


Centuries passed and the times have changed 

And now they say her glory is lost 

For her people tied up themselves in golden chains

Made of religions, castes and ideologies 


They say her people lost their collective will 

And shrunk themselves into their selfish boxes

They say the wisdom of justice and equality 

Has been lost from the land for ever 


They say her youth is spoiled and reckless

With eyes on screens and minds on virtual worlds

That they divided themselves and fought vain battles

As sanghis,commies,congies and sudappies


But it has been written in the pages of history

And it has been foretold by the sages of yore 

That when humans doubt their collective will

They will be put to test, and they will triumph 


The skies of August turned hostile

As monsoon clouds prolonged 

And the gigantic dams were opened 

Lo and behold, the deluge had begun 


From the subtle realms of human spirit

A whisper was heard, "we shall overcome"

Slowly, the whisper became a thunder 

And the whole land sang "we shall overcome"


Chairs of power woke up from slumber 

Men and women forgot their limited existence 

Out where they in the streets and flooded homes 

Stretching out their hands for each other 


Those whom they thought to be lazy tech nerds

Stayed up their midnights and acted with grit 

Sanghis,commies,congies and sudappies vanished 

As the human spirit prevailed 


The Arabian sea sent her industrious children 

With bodies and minds trained in the rough seas 

Saving lives in hundreds, asking nothing in return 

They wrote an epic which will be sung by generations 


Armed forces did their bid to the nation 

Dutiful as ever in air, land and water 

Knowing it was just a matter of time 

And this war was sure to be won 


And there she rests like a royal maiden 

Brightening up the southern tip of peninsula 

Knowing her children have passed the big test 

And that there is hope for the future