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The deluge

Written By: Saju Sachi
Company: Quest global Pvt LTD

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The flood has covered most of the area. The army and the fishermen are trying to cover maximum area, trying to rescue as many as they can. But still there are people stranded in isolated areas. A Fisher boat was carrying some people from a particular area. one person is standing on the roof and running to and fro with some weird hand actions and shouting something, can't understand what is happening here...


3 nights ago

Rajan was tired after a days hard driving. He is working as a driver for a business man. But today he had to do a lot of traveling in this heavy rain. So he was very tired. He wanted to say something to his wife Sitara. But it may involve some heavy persuations.  He just wanted to sleep today. The discussion can be done tomorrow morning. Don't have to go to work for next 3 days


2 days ago

"We need to go somewhere." Rajan informed his wife, that

"Are u talking about vacation. that's why u took leave for 2 days. that's wonderful"

"No they gave me leave. sir had said that it is dangerous to stay here. so he asked me to move us to somewhere safe."

"Are u joking? No maybe they were joking"

"No, They have already left. The current rain will continue for a few days. There is a big chance that dams will be opened"

"Nothing will happen. why are you always negative?? Think positive. By the way, it is our weather forecast right?"


"First of all, our boss is not a stupid person. Alerts are already declared. We can go to my home for some days." 

"Oh.. so this is it all about... u want to go to your house. Even if you know that I can't stand your mother. If u want to go, just go. I and my daughter will stay here.."

"Come on sitara. it is dangerous to stay here. If you have problem with my house, then we can go to your house"

"no way, I had already told you that my brother and his wife is staying there.. as long as my sister-in-law is staying there, I won't go there."


"Don't take risk for some petty feelings. think about our girl. It would only be for a few days"


"oh.. you think what I am having is 'petty' feelings. is it too much to wish that you men can understand our feelings. and don't you dare to take the 'our girl' card here. I am the one taking care of her while you are gone for days for your trip"


"hey.. what you call trip is my work. I am a driver.. remember? it is the job which provides for our family."


"oh. so that is the way.. you are the provider, so we have to be your slaves and do things you say... so I am your slave??'


Rajan knew that there is no point in further discussion. he kept quiet, praying to all God's that the warning the boss had given him was just false alarm.


The rain poured on relentlessly.By evening Rajan got worried. He thought about his neighbour Sumesh. His house is a 2 storied building in a relatively higher position. maybe it is safer here. 


"No, we are not going anywhere.."

"But why?? "

"I am not going to their house like a refugee."

"Don't you realize the danger we are in."

"What danger are u talking about? the river is not near us. So  the flood will not reach here. Where are u seeing this danger when I am not seeing it anywhere."

"for that you have to see news at least once a day, instead of watching your serials"

"oh, so now it is my fault? ..."

it was then that he saw their 2 year old daughter was watching them argue. she looked distraught seeing them like that.

"hey kiddo.. who is this?? who is running?? pappa running..." Rajan started running playfully around the room. and daughter started laughing.


there was no point arguing? only way she should have believed about the coming flood is if the serial actors themselves told it in serial..


Water flooded their garden that night..


next morning

Rajen tried to convince her to go to sumesh's house, but she was adamant. she insisted that they will be safe on the terrace. and rajen had given up.

by afternoon, water rised in an alarming rate. Rajan had created a temporary shelter with tarpoline. He also had to deal with snakes.

Tara started crying. Rajan tried to console her. but she lashed out.

"how many times had I told you that we should have built a 2 storied house. but you won't listen. And now we are stranded. All because of you"

he never bothered to reply. To save for the future, he had opted to create a one storied, 2 bedroom house which was the minimum requirement. He had only thought about the future. 

By evening, the situation became dire. water level has risen and almost coming to the level of the terrace. Their house now looked like a raft floating on the flooded water.


Just when he thought all was lost, he saw a small speck in a distance. It was an old boat. a Fisher boat. He raised his hands and shouted. They were coming to his direction. The boat was almost loaded with some of their neighbors. The person showing directions to the boatmen was Pachu. 

The boat was decked to the terrace, Pachu climbed out of the boat and took Rajan aside.

"Rajan, I don't know how to tell this... the boat is almost full. taking 2 more people could be risky. there was another boat, but it was unable to come here. also it is getting dark."

Rajan saw the boat, his wife and kid and the rising water.

"what about Tara and ranjini? can the boat take them?"

"I think so.. why??"

Rajan went to his wife and kid

"Tara, both of you get into this boat. I will be coming in a smaller boat"

Tara carried their sleeping daughter to the boat without saying anything. 

Pachu whispered

"Hold on raja, will try to come here as soon as possible. Also keep your eyes to the sky. Navy is here. Your phone is charged? good.. flash to the sky. We will meet again. Have faith.."

Pachu climbed to boat and signalled, looking at Rajan apologically. 


Boat started moving. Due to the sudden movement their daughter woke up. She saw Rajan and started crying. Rajan waved his hands, but crying didn't stop


Rajan started running around the terrace "hey, who is running...?? Pappa running.. who is running...?? Pappa go.. Pappa will come running...who is running??  ..."

the girls cry turned to smile and then laughter. Rajan continued his running around the terrace. He ran and ran till the boat was no longer visible. Then he sat down. Only then the tears started to fall from his eyes. Those tears got lost in the flood water which started climbing to the terrace.

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