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Srishti-2019   >>  Short Story - English   >>  The greener grass

The greener grass

Written By: Krishnapriya
Company: HnR block

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Bang! He smacked his head on the table and everyone around him glanced off from their monitors and stared at him ! He was frustrated, agonized moreover fed up with his life. The bossy and the never satisfied client has pretty much ruined his peace. Ten years of IT life has gifted him a poor eyesight and severe backpain due to prolonged hours of sitting." I could have quit easily If I weren't having the home loan ! " he said to himself. Stood up from his chair, he walked towards the glassy wall to catch some greenery. Suddenly, something caught his eye. Is it a bird , No.. Then what's it ! Something weirdly hanging on the opposite building.

     On a closer look, he sees a man swinging in the air  on a thin thread and cleaning the glassy windows. He doesn't have much safety precautions. One moment of carelessness could seriously damage his life.Why is he doing this despite the dangers !! Does he also have a home loan strangled around his neck ? Can't be.. He is doing it only because he got mouths to feed.. Two minutes of silence.. our guy came back to his seat with eternal peace,  counting all the blessings that he has got in his life !