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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Till a single bell ends their life

Till a single bell ends their life

Written By: Aravind MR
Company: Envestnet Asset Management

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Leaps and sails and darts, the bus runs

With the running trees, through

The black saree-clad lane,

With many souls sit on seats,

And a few spirits hang on rods.


A child. Done no homework,

Fears the pain of the cane.

A boy. Longs to bunk the school, and

Dreams to play and revel with his fellows.

A girl. With a hand full glassy bangles,

Eagers to show off her newly-add.

A man. Bends his head to a screen, and

Stays update with the world around.

A woman. With two wires in ears,

Flies into a world of oblivion.

A father. Hangs on to a rod,

Contemplates his child’s future.

A mother. Leans on a seat,

Cooks a mind-snack for her child.

A newly wed. With a coquettish smile,

Tastes the remains of the night before.

A grey haired. With a torn bag,

Scans at times for a vacant seat.


The very second they step into the bus

Unbeknownst to one another

Their lives start with a double bell.

Roam through unknown streets,

Achieve the unachievable,

Forget the unforgettable,

Smile and cry for no reason,

Chew the cud of contentment,

And dreamt long for a divine interception,

Till a single bell ends their life!