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Srishti-2019   >>  Poem - English   >>  Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang

Written By: Unnimaya
Company: Tata Elxsi

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Yin and Yang

Me and him.. Yin and Yang.

Fellow travelers in a forlorn dream..

I carried the smell of summer with me,

Of dried fruits and  broken pots..

Of empty promises and bitter anticipation.


 And him, the stubborn child

Of the mighty storm..

The wind at his behest,

 thunder in his footsteps..

He walked with me..

Smiling at me,

That  endearing ,earthy smile of his..

Drenching me from head to toe..

Wreaking havoc wherever we went

His eyes dancing a wild ,tumultuous dance..

Making my surrender complete


And i knew the shelter i was desperately

Searching for

would elude me forever..

 And that we would be fellow travellers,

Wandering these forsaken dreams

Till the end of time..

Till we both melt into the abyss..

Into nothingness..

But I also know that

If he were to come back

All flowery and  bright ,

the sweetest of springs..

I would freeze his every nerve

evey leaf, every grain...

As the coldest of winters,

For that is who we are,


Me and him..Yin and Yang